A Tensiometer is the only instrument that gives you the true moisture indication in the soil it is installed in. A soil moisture Tensiometer measures soil water potential/ matric potential – an indicator of the force that a plant/ crop must exert to obtain moisture from the soil/ medium it is planted in.

Thankfully, almost every crop important to us has an optimum matric potential value it thrives at and monitored agriculture focussed on this value provides the highest naturally possible yield to the plant.

For a healthy crop, keep it at the optimum soil water potential and have highest yields and effect maximum savings today!

The AIC Tensiometer

The AIC soil moisture Tensiometer has now been around for almost 40 years. The most affordable instrument of its class, AIC holds sway over the Indian market.

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The Irrometer Tensiometer

Amongst the most easily recognised instruments of this family, Irrometer holds sway over the Tensiometry industry, with its options and reliability.

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The Jet Fill Tensiometer

The all in one system that requires almost no accessories. The Model 2725AR Jet Fill Tensiometer features the Jet Fill reservoir for push-button convenience and minimization of soil disturbance when servicing is required.

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The UMS systems

The most sensitive and accurate research grade, soil tensiometry systems, from Munich Germany. The soil water tension is directly conducted to the pressure transducer which offers a continuous signalin its T4, T5, T8 & TS1 systems.

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Soil Measurement Systems

The American scientific community vouches for Dr. Wierenga’s product line which remain customizable and thus the best for most researchers. These gauge free Tensiometers (called tensimeters) use one read out unit to read multiple units at a go. They can also be setup with pressure transducers to datalog most conveniently.

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Readout options

Various readout options exist with each of the above varieties. The devices can be connected to irrigation & fertigation controllers or Dataloggers as per the user requirements.

Data logging is also popular often paired with telemetry. This allows the user to analyse data collected and study trends and act quickly when microclimates rapidly change.