Soil Water Samplers

Amongst the simplest of tools for environmental management, Soil Water samplers perform the task of collecting available soil water along with dissolved minerals, nutrients and also pollutants.

Having different names across the world, such as Lysimeters, Soil solution Access Tubes, Pore water samplers, this family of instruments is the must have for anyone wishing to know what goes on beneath the soil. Be it a farmer or a conservationist, sampling with this instrument tells you whether to add fertilizers or what remedial action must be taken.

The AIC Soil Water Sampler

Our indigenous sampler from our porous ceramics line allows you to find a competent solution at very affordable prices. Ceramic membranes available in two variants – Ceramic samplers for most applications and Silicon carbide samplers for contaminated sites/ remediation sampling

The Soil Solution Access Tube

The Soil Solution Access Tube Widely used in agriculture and horticulture, The Irrometer SSAT (Soil Solution Access Tube) is one of the most widely commercially available soil moisture sampling implements available. Paired with Hand Vacuum Pumps and extraction syringes, these are amongst the most affordable and competent solutions available to the farming community.

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Soilmoisture Equipment Corp

Built for the research side primarily, with heavy duty sampling solutions at very great depths and options to overcome every perceivable limitation. Best for contamination, leaching and remediation studies Soilmoisture ‘s sampling systems equips the responsible researcher.

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Taking precision to the next level UMS’s solutions are the researcher’s dream. UMS offers a wide range of pore water samplers, leachate samplers and vacuum devices. For straight results it is decisive to select the suitable material, the correct type of sampler and the proper vacuum method. With a variety of samplers, you can study solute transport, uptake and even evapotranspiration.

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Soil Measurement Systems

With all welded 304 stainless steel construction, with no glue or plastics, SMS’s lysimeters are suitable for organics and most inorganics. Ideal for contaminated sites, SMS brings its unique porous steel samplers for long term monitoring solutions.

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Vacuum Systems

To operate the above mentioned samplers a vacuum force is established and maintained using, hand pumps for shallow installations and for large volumes and continuous monitoring stations a permanent electronic controllable vacuum system is often used.
Recommended systems include
Irrometer Hand Vacuum Pump
Soilmoisture’s Electric Pressure/ Vacuum Pump VS-pro Vakuum System for constant or tension controlled vacuum.

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